The Importance of a Good Divorce Attorney in High-Conflict Cases

There can be serious, long-term repercussions from a marriage ending for all parties concerned. This is particularly valid if the couple has children together. Without the assistance of a skilled divorce lawyer, handling all of the emotional, financial, and legal ramifications can be very difficult. Thankfully, FindLaw can put you in touch with reputable Orlando divorce attorneys to help you navigate the process.

Florida family law is complicated and requires adherence to certain guidelines. Making a mistake that could end up costing you money, time, or even your case can be simple. Employing a lawyer with experience in this field of law will prevent you from making costly errors that could cause your case to be adjudicated more slowly.

You should take into account a divorce lawyer’s reputation and experience in both mediation and court proceedings while looking for the best divorce attorneys in Orlando. When it’s feasible, a skilled divorce lawyer will use mediation to reach a settlement; when it comes to courtroom litigation, they will not back down. They will also be competent in managing cases with complex concerns like property partition and child custody.

In addition to divorce, prenuptial agreements, child custody disputes, order revisions, child support, alimony, and stepparent adoptions are all handled by The Law Offices of Natalie D. Hall, PA. Natalie Hall, the company’s creator, has a great deal of experience managing high-asset divorce cases and is qualified in collaborative family law. The company takes credit cards and provides free initial consultations.

Orlando-based family law practice Davis and Associates has more than 35 years of experience. The company helps clients with property division, child support, alimony, divorce, and domestic abuse cases. Its lawyers provide phone and in-person services, and they speak Spanish fluently. Because of the firm’s client-centered approach, every legal option is taken into account and the best dispute resolution procedure is used for each individual case.

Any divorce in which the parties cannot completely agree on how they want to settle their case is considered disputed. Property division, spousal maintenance, and child custody disputes are the main causes of disputed divorces. Compared to an uncontested divorce, a disputed divorce requires greater financial and time resources.

A spouse may ask for a temporary relief order to get money or other necessities while the divorce is pending after filing for divorce. This can involve equitable division, child support, or interim alimony. After all contentious matters have been settled, the judge will subsequently render a final decision.

A spouse who earns the majority of the income in Florida may request alimony. The length of the marriage, each spouse’s income, and the needs of the children all play a role in determining the amount paid. All of these factors will be examined by the O’Mara Law Group attorney in order to calculate the proper amount of alimony. They will also assist their clients with affidavit and disclosure preparation in advance of the court hearing.

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