How Can a Child Custody Attorney Help?

Resolving the custody of children is frequently one of the most crucial matters to be settled during a divorce or separation. Several knowledgeable attorneys in Augusta can offer advice, whether it’s for supervised visitation, sole custody, joint custody, or needing legal support for child support. They help their clients through the emotional journey while assiduously ensuring the children’s safety and well-being.

A trustworthy family law lawyer will be able to collaborate with both parents to develop a parenting schedule that is just and equal. If needed, they also possess the knowledge and tools needed to defend their client’s rights in court.

Choosing the top Augusta child custody lawyer is essential to the long-term prosperity of your family. Start by looking for local attorneys in your area with verified experience and a solid track record using Lead Counsel’s directory. To be listed, a lawyer has to maintain a good professional standing and be evaluated by independent research professionals.

The Augusta area’s residents can get assistance from the Claridge Law Firm staff in resolving family law issues like divorce, child support, and custody. To resolve conflicts outside of the courts, its attorneys employ alternative dispute resolution procedures like mediation and arbitration. They represent their clients in litigation in state and superior courts when a matter cannot be resolved through negotiation. In addition, the business handles bankruptcy, personal injury, and criminal cases.

Sheila Grider Wahman is a family law attorney with over thirty years of expertise in the legal field. She provides her services to people in Columbia County, Augusta, and the neighbourhood. Services offered by the firm include post-decree modifications, adoptions, contentious and uncontested divorces, adult and special needs guardianships, and domestic violence. It also helps with estate planning, spousal support, and revisions to custody and divorce decrees.

For almost thirty years, J Michael Spence Attorney at Law has been in the legal profession. The firm helps people with personal injury, probate, and family law cases. The lawyers at the company help clients with child custody matters, such as determining child support and creating custody agreements. They also assist with paternity legitimation, legal name changes, and divorces.

In Georgia, the best interests of the child are the basis for the judge’s discretion in determining child custody arrangements. However, it’s critical that you have an experienced lawyer at your side who can walk you through the maze of complicated rules and processes pertaining to child custody cases.

Attorney Alex M. Brown provides services in divorce, domestic violence, child support, property division, and alimony cases in addition to settling disputes involving child custody and visitation. He has a wealth of experience helping military families, especially those who are stationed overseas, along with his team of attorneys. Throughout the case, they are committed to staying in constant contact with their customers and responding to any of their enquiries.

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